Current Products


Fitness: Our inertial navigation unit can accurately track distance traveled, elevation changes, and speed. This can be used to generate a map of where the user has been and how many calories they burned - it can even make maps of where the user burned the most calories, to help plan exercise routines.

Hiking: The CZA inertial navigation unit can be a great aid when hiking, camping, or even spelunking - since it doesn't need a constant GPS signal, you can know wherever you are, even underground!


Since our INU is so inexpensive, it can be used for both professional and hobbyist level projects!

Vehicle telemetry: Our INU can report location, velocity, acceleration, and angular rate over a wireless link through a computer-readable memory card (SD card or thumb drive).

Navigation: This INU is of high enough accuracy that it may be used to aid autonomous vehicles with navigation!

Feedback: The INU may be used as a motion sensor, so that actions may be mimicked remotely.

AUV/UAV: The CZA INU may be used to provide navigation information for an autonomous unmanned vehicle. Additionally, it may wirelessly transmit data (in realtime) to provide feedback to a simulator, making an unmanned arial vehicle easier to fly.


Navigation is becoming a big deal within cellular networks. With E911 and consumers looking for more functionality out of their cell phones, it is a smart decision to use an inertial navigation unit to serve as a GPS interpolator for cell phones. Location data is updated with higher accuracy, and the quicker update rate means consumers will no longer miss a turn because their GPS failed to update in time. With navigation as precise as our INU offers, more services could be brought to the cell phone, such as indoor navigation or location based information and advertisements.


GSM tracking - near-realtime tracking information will satisfy knowledge-hungry consumers. Everything from packages to pizzas can be monitored and give updates with a simple text message. The device will also find use with private investigators (especially with integrated camera), police, and curious parents.

Vehicle rentals - ensure that local rentals really stay local.

Inventory - track valuable goods within a building. Monitor assembly of large projects.

Personal Safety

First responders - Using our INU, first responders can find their way through confusing buildings or even buildings obscured by smoke. With an optional "man-down" switch (either hand-held or an activity sensor) and wireless communication, the unit can call for help and summon other first responders and provide them with an exact location within the building.

Elderly individual monitor - similar to the above, the INU can be integrated with a cellular network to call family or an emergency number when a fall is detected or when no motion is detected for an extended period.

House arrest collar - the INU may be used to define boundaries for individuals under house arrest. It can trigger an alarm and place a call to the proper authorities.


The CZA INU provides several options for military-spec navigation, at a low price point, low power use, and small size. Users get to choose from the following capabilities:
-Absolute location even in satellite deprived regions
-Temperature sensor can warn user of potential for heat stroke
-Video overlay on nightvision
-Geotagging using inbuilt CMOS camera
-Deadman switch to find fallen soldiers
-Wireless network for intelligence visualization (map regions with fire, etc)
--GSM long range, ZigBee short range
-Pack data filtering to improve accuracy over long distances
-Route storage to memory card
-Route/waypoint guidance
-Battery pack life remaining calculation

Existing GPS Retrofit

GPS is in everything today. The CZA INU improves upon GPS by providing a more accurate solution while satellites are visible, and a means of navigation when satellites are not. OEM manufacturers can opt to buy a whole configuration or supply their own GPS for a GPS interpolator. Our solution provides a direct drop-in replacement, featuring high-output rate NMEA output.

Insurance and Security

Location is important for securing our valuable goods. With an onboard inertial navigation unit, laptops could "phone home" to report their location, or other expensive items - such as paintings - could be set to send a message if they are relocated.

For insurance companies, absolute location can allow variable pricing schemes based on daily storage location or yearly mileage (for example, for collector cars), or facilitate opt-in data acquisition in order to monitor drivers and provide discounted rates.


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