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Course Zero Automation is an MIT startup, founded by Ted Blackman and Josh Siegel in early 2008. Our first product is an inertial navigation unit, based upon the INU demonstrated at the 2008 Soldier Design Competition (sponsored by the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies at MIT). The device won the Boeing Prize. We have used the cash awarded to fund further development and prototyping.

We are in the process of finalizing our design for a low-cost, low-power, small, and easy to use inertial navigation unit. These qualities of our INU will bring the advantages of inertial systems into a wider range of devices, including consumer electronics.


3. 05. 13
Josh Siegel's new venture, CarKnow.me, is preparing to go live!
1. 01. 11
Course Zero Automation Closed
Course Zero Automation has disbanded. The technology was licensed, and the business partners decided to pursue other ventures.
1. 05. 10
Preliminary Software Completed
A first complete version of the software is finished. It will need to be modified to run in real-time.
01. 02. 09
Course Zero is testing INU Prototype #4
Complete with three axes of accelerometers, magnetic field sensors, and gyroscopes. USB and LCD output. Software nearing beta status.
08. 12. 08
CZA-INU Prototype #3 Heads to Assembly
Final code testing to begin shortly.


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